Blocky Combat SWAT Killing Zombie

Blocky Combat SWAT Killing Zombie
Blocky Combat SWAT Killing Zombie9 votes. 2.67 / 5

Blocky Combat SWAT – Killing Zombie is a fantastic first person shooter. In this game, you must play with other online players and fight against wave after wave of blood thirsty zombies! You must use a variety of weapons, keep moving, aim carefully and stay alert! For each kill, you earn a cash reward – this cash can be used to purchase upgrades such as improved weapons.  Try and survive for as long as possible and compete for the top survival score. Aside from the zombie survival mode, you can also play team death match and death match against other players – during these game modes you must fight against other players as opposed to zombies. 


WASD or arrow keys to move
Left click to shoot
R to reload
Shift to run
123 to change weapon
C to crouch
G to throw grenade

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