Horror Games

Looking for a good Horror games? Get ready for some genuinely heart-pounding experience! This is the largest collection of Horror games online.
Gun Mayhem 2 is a very interesting shooting game with a modern gun warehouse, character options, so many levels and mode options for players to explore and conquer.
Special Wars is an interesting shooting game. In this game you will be a soldier and your mission is to win all the matches.
Dragon Ball Fighting is a classic fighting game. Choose your favorite character. Here is the characters which comes for your with this chapter; Raditz; strong, nimble and has extremity effective ...
Smashy City 2: Monster Battles is an monster game. After wreaking havoc in the city in Smashy City, the monsters are now fighting each other!
Grand Shift Auto, it’s a cool online game like GTA. Before, you were arrested by the police for car theft and bank robbery in the city.
Strike Force Heroes is an all new action-packed shooter. In game, the secret lab is under attack! And your task to lead the task force that will strike back. Good ...
Infectonator 2 is action game! Destroy the entire human race by turning them all into zombies.
The Evacuation is a cool 3D zombie shooter game in which you must survive against waves of hungry flesh eating zombies.
Psycho Squad is an action-packed defense shooter game where your mission is to protect all the mysterious containers, defeat all the approaching enemies.
Ragdoll Avalanche 2 is a pretty sick game.Try to keep your Ragdoll guy alive by evading an infinite rain of spikes (triangles) falling like an avalanche all over the screen.
Dungeon Clicker is a clicker based game with an ending.
Path of Hero: Your plane was shot down. The soldiers have only one objective and that is to kill you.