Horror Games

Looking for a good Horror games? Get ready for some genuinely heart-pounding experience! This is the largest collection of Horror games online.
Your ultimate aim in this great game is to help the gladiator to battle his way to fame and fortune.
Heroes of Myth is a side-scrolling battle game set in the time of ancient Greece.
Mad Combat Marines is a fast-paced exciting multiplayer FPS game in which you fight as an elite Marine unit.
Super Pocket Fighter Adventure is an action-packed beat’em up fighting game feature 8 chibi-sized characters from the game franchise Street Fighter.
Gloomy Hangars is a shooter game. You are a special task force fighter, your usual tasks are reconnaissance of objects of special importance and elimination of the enemy.
Water Ragdoll 2 is an amusing ragdoll game. The main goal in this torture game is to mutilate the doll with different objects.
Krunker.io is a cartoon first person shooter in which you are thrown into the boots of a pixel soldier in the midst of battle.
Epic Cluck is a action adventure game. The chickens desire the gold at the top of the mountain! Help the chicken climb the mountain and overcome various challenges in Epic ...
Rotate is the platformer game in which you must navigate difficult levels in 360 degrees. With the ability to rotate gravity, you traverse a series of test chambers.
Pixel Toonfare 3D is a shooter game. You can choose from one of two sides to fight for – either the boys or the girls!
Punch Boxing Championship is the immersive 3D boxing game in which you must lace up your gloves and box your way to the championship belt.
An evil villain wants to destroy your city – you must build a mighty T-Rex robot to stop him!