Zombie vs Janitor

Zombie vs Janitor
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Zombie vs Janitor is an exciting shooter game. In the game, you are a simple janitor, but today you get to stand up and get counter – the zombie apocalypse is imminent and you are one of the few humans left alive to defend our planet! You must travel through the school you once worked at and destroy the waves of zombie students who seek to eat your brains! Find a way how to defend yourself from the hordes of zombie students. The task won't be simple, but you have no choice, survive or be eaten alive. The zombies are running wild on the campus! Find a way to stop them.

Mouse – Navigate / Aim
Left Mouse Button – Select / Shoot
WASD – Move
Space – Jump
Shift – Run
E – Next Weapon
R – Reload
Mouse Scroll – Switch Weapon
1-9 – Weapon Select

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